How To Change Your Linkedin Username By Saransh Sagar ?? | Saransh Sagar ( सारांश सागर )
By reading title , you all should know what I am going to tell about. 
fo This process is very simple and easy. Just follow the steps carefully !!

For Desktop
  • Now click on Edit Public Profile & Url, which you can see in top right section of your profile page or simply click on this link to go there --> Link . You can also see reference image below for better understand.
  • Now you come to the page where you can finally change your username, below mention image will help you to chage your username easily !

For Mobile

Open your android account ! See the top left side of your mobile and click on that button ! Now click on View Profile . See below reference image 

Now after you have clicked , Click on top right setting button , See below reference image

After you have clicked , you will see privacy option and now click on that !! Click on edit your public profile .

Now click on edit your custom url and replace or change your custom username as per your wish 

  • Hope you liked my work and you must have changed your username successfully !