How Do I Know About Blogging By Saransh Sagar ? | Saransh Sagar ( सारांश सागर )

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It was the time of October or November 2015 when I give most of the time after college to internet, to learn new things about technology and social media. Accidentally, I found a Blogger which I redirect from Gmail to Blogger. I don't know how but I reached to & things get started after this. It was best experience of learning from ever before because this was the tool which I need at that time most. The Blogger has so many advantages to use and also one can gain or learn so many things from it. First of all My purpose behind learning blogging is not only learning Facebook or Whatsapp yet. I manage group Gyangsagar from that time which is currently managing under me or some other admins. When I posted any posts realated to socialistic, likes and comments are easily show but one find difficult to know that how many members or friends read those posts. Lack of this feature is fulfill by Blogger. There is a inbuilt feature which show number of readers to particular posts so I become regular user of it and day by day I found new-new things which today I found so easy that I am able to teach about Blogging ! I will discuss in further classes as this article is the only about How I know about Blogging ? It gives you very good facility to share your views,opinions in glorious way ! Also as I currently pursuing Btech from CSE,I realised that it is good to know more about Blogging because it is related to my IT course or somewhere it touch my subject ! ! So this is the Story of How I knew about Blogging !!