About Me - Saransh Sagar

About Me

Jai Shree Ram Mitro !!

I don't like to introduce myself because I beleive in working rather than talking but it is necessary to introduce beacuse those who don't know me how they judge or imagine about me so I briefly write about myself below with some grammatical mistakes ! Hope u guys like it !!

My real name means certificate name is Sagar and there is always war behind my name , Sometimes HoneySagar, Sometimes Anupam Sagar, Sometimes Prashant Sagar and so on but due to not using cast like Bhagat,Malakar Teachers in school days automatically replace my last name by Rana or Kumar but after this all what happened I fix this issue and clearly said do not do anything with your wishes with my name. After getting admission in College in Just Ist year, Archana Mam & Gajendra Sir these two teachers call me Saransh , Don't know why, might be tongue slip be the reason but after hearing this name.I found this name suits with my personality and tension of last name also should vanish by this. After this probably October,2016 I announce my name as Saransh Sagar but not legally.


I was born in 9th January,1996 in Bhagalpur,Bihar in middle class family.


Still Mummy, Papa and a Younger Brother Nischal makes my Blood Relation Family 

About Education

I complete my Higher Education from cbse board in 2014 and get 8.4 cgp in 10th class and 67.6 % marks in pcm/Physical Education,English or arts as a optional. After this I got duped by ggsipu and due to this I have to bear loss of 1 year drop. Then again I clear entrance examination of CET CODE-131 Btech Examination GGSIPU.After this I take admission to Jims Greater Noida College, very nice & cooperative faculty in Ist Year. I studied only 2 years from 2015 august to 2017 June and I have to go with drop because 5 backs,infinte social issues and financially problems makes me to uplift home by financially so I decided work hard in terms of learning and earning both so that I maintain my education by learning various techniacl subjetcs like Website Designing,Arts,Social Issues,Religional,Inspirational,Social Topics. This is what I am now and nothing more about me


Hindi Content Writer,Blogger,Website Designer in Wordpress & Blogger, Poet,Event Manager,Logo-Poster Maker,Promoter


Astrology,Singing,Dancing,Acting,Directing,Advisory,Reading Inspirational Books, Swadeshi & Sanatan Dharm Lover.

That's all in Summary ( Saransh ) and there is more about my past life which can motivate everyone but I want to use this experience to make me successful first then I will give it a shape of Book to successful others Because I firmly beleive in this Slogan Of Ghadi Surf Advertisment ( Pehle Istemal Kare Fir Vishwas Kare ). so I want to check and prove my self to make me Big,Successful then I will automatically eligible to inspire others by what I bear,learn from my life and influence of particular persons on my life.

Stay Blessed, Keep Smile
Jai Siya Ram