Why You Need A Personal Website Or Blog By Saransh Sagar ?? | Saransh Sagar ( सारांश सागर )

                                  Why You Need A Personal Website Or Blog By Saransh Sagar ?? | Gyansagar ( ज्ञानसागर )

Nowadays online as well as offline business persons need their website for their services , as online internet marketing is growing very rapidly,people is engaging in internet more as compared to streets and offline advertisment platforms ! When a person who has a profession of internet related services or services who can provide it online via social media platforms then he/she should make their own blog for several reasons !

1) If your client want to know more about you , you should make a blog or website in Blogger,Wordpress,Weebly,Wix,Tumblr because it makes your online presence possible.
2) If you make your blog, you can categories your prices of services  & able to mention your experience for gaining customers.
3) Your particular keyword will indexed by internet browsers such as Yahoo,Bing,Yandex & Google if you are suppose to write in a particular niche.
4) Your Client's,Followers and anyone who want to reach you, can see your full social media platforms,your email id and contact no. if you inserted in your blog,website.
5) If You want to be a freelancer or digital marketing trainer , then you must have a blog or website to represent yourself that what did you do,how much you earn from this, your client's list,your services fees and much more ! 
6) If You are Youtuber too, you can embed your videos and you can embed your office address of google map.
7) If you have online platform where client's can reach you then client's believes more as compared to those who don't have any website.
8)There are dozens of reasons to make your blog or website which will help you to grow your business as well as make you reputation.

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