How Can I Improve My Blogspot Website In A Good Manner By Saransh Sagar ?? | Saransh Sagar ( सारांश सागर )

How Can I Improve My Blogspot Website In A Good Manner By Saransh Sagar ?? | Free Blogging Tips Online

First of all, this question is asked by a Quorian friend Praveen on Quora ! Now coming to the point.
To make the blogspot website even better, you can easily see a lot of sites on Google and other search engines but I am referring to the things which I have learned from my experience. Read carefully !


  • Keep the name of your blogspot unique and easily searchable ! The reason is that you give your website subdomain “ blogspot” ! In that case, everyone remember blogspot keyword and your actual keyword which you use as a prefix keyword in blogspot is easily forgotten.
  • Simple Google Theme gives a general effect, but if your article is in a blogspot website, if it is better, then your readers will easily read on your site and there is no need to think more about the theme is good or bad. If you are working on your blogspot website and writing a unique article on a good topic then automatically number of readers will increasing day by day, Of course, One day many people will offer youfree services to improve your theme or website like me as well !!
  • If you want to make your blog looks better and beautiful from the beginning, then there are some sites where you can use demo themesfor some time or even buy premium themes ! All you need to do is search the blogspot theme from any search engine and you will easily get all the information from many types of sites !
  • Once the site is created, it needs the information like what the site is about! What is the purpose of the site and little bit information about the admin ! By creating a contact form, privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc. pages we can make our blogspot feel good and responsible as a responsible blogger !!
  • If you know, how to code then by going to the theme section of the site, you can make a lot of changes by making some changes accordingly as per required !

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