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How Do You See Wedding Photography As A Career ??

From the ancient times to present days, wedding is always a better scope for all the marketers,financers and moneymakers , it is becaue of it's popularity and peope who invole in this function.Now lots of categories are there but one can make career also on Wedding like Halwai Wala,Wedding Planner,Mehndi Wala/Wali,Food Dishes & so on ! Same as above ideas, Wedding Photography is nowadays a vast career scope in today times. I will mention why you choose wedding photography as a career option.Some reasons are below which make Wedding Photography as a profitable Career Option as well as it is good too from business point of view ! 
In Engagement,Wedding or Reception, People generally take photographs from their mobile phones in selfie mode but we can't ignore professional as professional is always professional , no matter where is he from or where is his office.The Professional Photographer knows very well that his professional branded camera click's is always better than any mobile phone because of multi-functions. Flash,Clearity as well as poses,postures,style which is suggested by Photographer not by any common people. The environment which he design,background,atmoshphere and everything makes client evergreen happy,sweet satisfaction in marriage and after marriage because of sweet moments clicked by photographer. He knows which poses,dresses,background,color combination,surrounding & location for perfect click and that's why wedding photography is profitable business for anyone who want to grow in photography area. Another reason for choosing this as a career option is that bride & groom never negotiate too large amount in this moment because they want everything to be good at the wedding ceremony ! Also for this day,especially in India ! People spend their savings in a large amount no matter how much wll be the expenditure, they just pay whatever be the charges of service providers. 
While photography,you can promote your own and other business via cross promtion too.
So, these are the some reasons and experiences which make Wedding Photography is profitable and reputed carrer option.

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